Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates

Check the exchange rates of African countries, such as The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Sierra Leone and South Africa.


Remittance World Bank Data on African countries

Understanding the dynamics of exchange rates is one of the great challenges of international economics. On a basic level getting the best exchange rate possible for your currency transfer is also and challenge and in some cases crucial.

International Money Transfer: Who is providing value for money?

SEND MONEY AFRICA: MAKING MARKETS MORE TRANSPARENT this data is provided by the world bank. Compare Firms (MoneyGram, Weston Union and Ria), Product (card, cash, prepaid card, online, mobile or bank account) Fee, Exchange rate margin (%), Total Cost Percent (%), Total cost (GBP or USD) Amount Received, Transfer Speed (less than one hour, same day, next day 2, 3-5 6 days or more) and Network Coverage (Main city, Major cities, Nationwide, Rural only Urban only) Check the pdf links first. The data will be constantly updated when published. We want to help you see who gives you value. See results for 200 and £120 for different providers.

May 2014

Sending money from United States to:-

Cape Verde $200 Ethiopia $200 Ghana $200Kenya $200 Liberia $200 Nigeria $200

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Feb 2014

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Source: Transfer money online saving you money on exchange. See money transfer

Books on Exchange Rates

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  • MBA executives, managers, and would-be managers
  • International traders and entrepreneurs

Variations in the foreign exchange market influence all aspects of the world economy and your business. As a manager expanding your international business operations, you are confronted by the puzzling and vexing world of foreign exchange (FX) rates. As a managers you wish to quickly understand and navigate the FX market. You need to know about international markets, international investments, or international corporate finance. Here are some book wish introduces foreign exchange (FX) rates, the important topic FX rate valuation. Find out how to understand when an FX rate is incorrectly valued, as this situation may have a bearing on strategic decisions to operate or invest overseas. Find out how to understand about the mechanics of forward FX contracts, and their use in managing the risk of future foreign currency cash flows. Find out how to understand about FX exposure in the revenues of a proposed new foreign customer. As a decision-maker know whether the FX rate is over-, under-, or correctly valued. The final decision is whether to expand sales to the foreign market and whether to hedge the FX risk. diverse and complex continent Other questions often asked by companies and investors: Who do I work with there and what drives them? How do I deal with government? What about war, disease, and poverty? What about China? How do I win? Check the book below for answers to your questions

The Economics of Exchange Rates Explains the determination of exchange rates and utilizes recent empirical data on exchange rate behavior.
Introduction to Foreign Exchange Rates This text is designed as a resource that can help managers quickly understand and navigate the FX market.
International Business: The Challenges of Globalization A readable, concise, and innovative tour through international business. Real-world examples and engaging features.
Exchange-Rate Dynamics (Princeton Series) Microbased models generate a rich array of empirical predictions concerning trading patterns and exchange-rate. Find out more..
Success in Africa: CEO Insights from a Continent on the Rise Success in Africa introduces the ambitious CEOs who are building the continent. Stories of growth, technology, and tradition.
Understanding Contemporary Africa (Introductions to the States and Regions) Current analyses not only of history, politics, and economics, but also geography, environmental concerns, population shifts, and social and cultural issues
The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa A continent on the move. Creativity born from African difficulty— insight to a multimillion-dollar film industry known as Nollywood, cast-off American computers for hospitals and crowdsources citizen activism and disaster relief.
Doing Business in Africa - A Strategic Guide for Entrepreneurs Which business models work and when, this book provides managers and executives with numerous examples, best practices and tools

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United States and Business to Africa

Africa is home to 6 of the top 10 fastest growing countries in the world and U.S. exports to sub-Saharan Africa now top $21 billion a year. Tap into those markets, by Doing Business in Africa.

United Kingdom and Business to Africa

UKTI in South Africa helps companies in Britain increase their competitiveness through overseas trade in South Africa. See Africa business opportunities and guides to exporting. 1. Exporting to Angola 2. Cameroon Business Guides 3. Exporting to Cote d’Ivoire 4. Exporting to Egypt 5. Exporting to Ethiopia 6. Exporting to Ghana 7. Exporting to Kenya 8. Exporting to Libya 9. Exporting to Nigeria 10. Exporting to Morocco 11. Exporting to South Africa 12. Exporting to Tanzania 13. Exporting to Tunisia 14. Exporting to Uganda