Ethereum smart contract upgradability workshop for software developers

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West Africa Money now list this event called Ethereum smart contract upgradability workshop for software developers which is taking place on as our slogan is Money, Business And Investments


We are inviting software engineers to join our 5th Smart Contract Upgradability developer workshop. We have space available for up to 25 delegates.


Smart contracts are immutable, unlike other languages where the code can be edited at any point in time, once a contract is deployed, its code cannot be altered, however; there are often bugs/feature upgrades needed and that’s where upgradable patterns come in. Each upgradable pattern has its own ups and downs and fit for different use cases.

What we will do:

In this workshop, we will go through all of the commonly used patterns and implement them first hand to see how smart contracts can be made upgradable right from the start. We will be writing in Solidity and assembly utilizing the structure of the EVM and understanding deeply how the Storage is handled in EVM among with other important concepts such as how to achieve upgradability without having to trust the company at all and what are the costs associated with trustless upgradability.

The workshop will be run in a discussion oriented manner where we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each pattern implemented and learning from the mistakes already been made.

In detail, we will be exploring delegateCall/proxy based patterns and understanding on a fundamental level how the delegateCall opcode works and how it affects storage.

Useful resources to read up on prior to the workshop: 


Ali Azam

Ali Azam is a senior Blockchain Developer at Vaultplatform, previously worked at King’s College London for over two years and have given various workshops and keynotes at King’s College London, Devcon4, Blockercon and many other places. Ali loves to teach and works hard to make the dream of decentralisation become a reality. Ali is a senior mentor and a core member at Work on Blockchain monthly blockchain developer bootcamp. Follow Ali on Twitter: 


- proficient coder in any language

- you must already be familiar with developing smart contracts in Solidity. If you are a complete beginner in blockchain development, please attend our monthly developer bootcamp first either in Sept or Oct (date to be confirmed) and we will get you up to speed in no time. View details of our upcoming workshop via 

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