Introduction to Accounting for Investment Analysis

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Our Introduction to Accounting for Investment Analysis will help you to understand the way companies present financial information in their accounts and investor presentations. A basic financial knowledge is assumed, and the intention is to help the lay investor understand financial reporting.  In turn, this will enable you to make better investment decisions. The course runs for four hours and will equip you with the understanding you need to find your way round the financial statements. The course is structured in the following modules:

Report and Accounts - how to approach the accounts 

Balance Sheet - this is where an understanding of a company starts

Income Statement - principal features, what's important

Cash Flow - how cash is generated and how it ties back to the other statements

Other statements - looking at other statements and company publications

Valuation - some key valuation tools and how to calculate them

The course is given by Steve Clapham who was a rated sell-side analyst for 20 years before becoming a special situations analyst and a partner/head of research at two multi-billion hedge funds based in London. Steve has generated extremely high returns from the portfolios he has analysed and managed and he explains why the various accounting concepts are important using real-life examples from his extensive practical experience.

This course is designed to be used together with our course, Introduction to Equity Analysis, which runs on the morning of the same day at the same venue. Buy tickets to both and enjoy lunch on us!

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