LONDON SEMINAR: How to Make Money Trading in 2020

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West Africa Money now list this event called LONDON SEMINAR: How to Make Money Trading in 2020 which is taking place on Our mission is Money, Business And Investments to help you in becoming successful. 

2019 was a tricky year for Retail Traders, but not for Long Short Equity Portfolio Managers that knew what they were doing. There were multiple so called "experts" and Professional Money Managers banging the table on US "Recession" all year in 2019, yet anyone who was short all year got absolutely wiped out. Also the Retail Trader "Favourite Names to Trade" of 2019 whipsawed weak Retail Trader money all year and caused the vast majority of Retail Traders coinsiderable pain, proving once again that there is no easy money in this market.  

2020 will be an equally tricky year for Retail Traders who need to be fully prepared in order to make money out of difficult market conditions rather than losing money like the vast majority of their counterparts.

ITPM Senior Trading Mentor Raj Malhotra is going to show you the risks that the top Professional Traders in the world are positioning themselves for in 2020, how Professional portfolio's are currently set up and how you can replicate this approach to ensure that you not only DON'T lose money in 2020, BUT can realistically target a 50% return on the year when everyone else loses money.

Seminar Content & Timetable;-

06.15pm registration, 7pm start.

  • Top Down Approach in 2020

  • Macro' Focus in 2020

  • 2020 Sector Focus 

  • 2020 Trade Structures

Seminar Speaker

Jason Mcdonald - ITPM Senior Trading Mentor

Jason enjoyed a successful seventeen year career as a Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and Proprietary Trader. After graduating with a degree in Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE) from Magdalen College Oxford University in 1992, Jason was hired by BZW and went from initially being a research analyst within the Japanese warrants business to managing a $500mln Pan European Equities Proprietary trading book.

After building a successful track record, Jason then went to work for CSFB’s internal Hedge Fund Modal Capital with a global mandate. Jason then went on to set-up and run the special situation risk arbitrage fund for the MAKO Volatility Hedge Fund.

At the peak of his career Jason became one of the largest Proprietary Traders on the Investment Bank side of the industry. In 2004 Jason joined Commerzbank as a senior proprietary trader responsible for significant parts of a global multi strategy multi Billion Euro proprietary portfolio.

Jason then managed $250mln global long / short portfolios at both Lehman Brothers and Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank before retiring in 2009. In retirement Jason has been contracted on multiple occasions in Corporate Advisory roles across a multitude of industries including Oil and Gas, Mining, Port Infrastructure, Financial Services and Aviation, helping companies’ structure capital optimally for next stage growth.

Jason joined the Institute in 2013 as a Senior Trading Mentor. Jason’s role at the Institute involves mentoring Institute Traders on the official Institute Mentoring Programme after students have graduated from completing the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM), The Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) Video Series and the Professional FOREX Trading (PFTM) Video Series. Jason helps Institute Traders to realise their objectives in becoming consistently profitable long-term and to build their track records. Jason also helps manage the Institute’s global portfolio in allocating capital to profitable students/traders.

CLICK HERE for Jason Mcdonalds Resume

No other educational offering in the field of trading comes close!


The Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management was established to educate, inform and coach Retail Traders & Investors how to take a more Professional approach to Trading and Investing in the Financial Markets. We deliver the highest level of Trading and Portfolio Management education available to the Retail Trader / Investor globally, utilising teaching methods that everyone can understand and deploy themselves. We manage a global Portfolio ourselves and manage a community of Retail Traders and Investors, that connect with eachother and support eachother. We provide our community with a favourable infrastructure that allows each individual to reach their full potential. Additionally, we invest in our best performing students / traders and we also place some of our best traders into Professional Trading employment with Hedge Funds and Investment Banks.

Typically we have three types of delegates that attend our seminars and then join the Institute;-

1.    Delegates currently trading with their own money who have struggled to make consistent Returns on their Capital.

2.    Delegates who want to start trading with their own savings and seek a higher level Professional Trading & Investing education Vs what is available elsewhere.

3.    Delegates who are looking to enter the Professional world of Trading and Investing via Hedge Funds and Investment Banks.


You do not need any prior experience in Trading and Portfolio Management to attend one of our seminars. All you require is a basic level of common sense and arithmetic ability.

At the Institute you will be taught everything you need to know from basic to more advanced techniques. Our approach is challenging both to a beginner and more experienced traders. The professional trader approach is like nothing you have ever seen before. This is because it is simply not taught to the Retail Trader market and is usually only reserved for professional traders. 


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