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Looking At The Foreign Exchange Trading Investment Market?

To understand the foreign exchange markets means understanding many factors such as underlying major economies, currency weights i.e volumes, the investment space, the most promising sectors to consider and how to prevent your risks and make the right investment choice. Gain an insigt into some of the multitude of variables by attending events on foreign exchange, finance and insurance as these sectors are important for you so that you know when to invest and transfer money overseas either in the short term or long term.

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Business In Sub Sahara Africa

Anyone who wants to generate a first or second income should look at business investment in Sub Sahara Africa as a way to provide revenue and a legacy for their family into the long term. A factor which needs to considered in your calculations should be exchange rates when investing in Africa or the Caribbean.

Money Transfer Comparing Rates

Regular support for your family and loved ones back home or cash support in cases of emergencies can be costly if you have not prepared in advance. Seasonal gifting to show how much you care should be sent at the best time. Make sure you compare rates first. See our comparison table first.

Foreign Exchange Businesses In London Yelp Rating

  1. Thomas Exchange Global | +44 20 7828 1880 | SW1E 6RA
  2. Eurochange - Piccadilly | +44 20 3915 8547 | W1D 6BS
  3. Barclays Bank | +44 345 734 5345 | W1D 3QR
  4. Fast Credit | +44 800 093 0043 | SW6 1NF
  5. Metro Bank | +44 345 080 8500 | WC1B 5HA
  6. Lloyds Bank | +44 845 300 0000 | EC2V 6EN
  7. Changelink | +44 20 7828 9578 | SW1V 1AA
  8. Eurochange | +44 20 7828 9025 | SW1W 0SJ
  9. World First | +44 20 7801 2356 | SW1P 4QP
  10. ACE-FX | +44 20 7719 1313 | E14 4SQ
  11. Maxcroft | +44 20 8518 1828 | IG2 6PG

The Facts About Overcharging Customers For Money Transfers To Africa

The money transfer industry is ripping off the African diaspora to the tune of $1.8bn a year. Money transfer companies typically charge 8-9 per cent for the service on top of often undisclosed currency exchange costs which can make up a further 3-5%. Money transfer ‘rip-off hurts world’s poorest’.

There are many reasons you may want to transfer money: Buying property in Ghana country? Emigrating to an Africa country like Gambia? Importing from Nigeria? Exporting to Kenya or Sierra Leone? Regular payments to an Africa country? If you require a money transfer to an Africa country from US or UK, then you ought to consider some professional help from one of the many reputable money transfer brokers. You might require an international money transfer to Africa, make regular payments to an Africa country for an overseas mortgage, purchase a high value asset in Africa, or perhaps purchase a property in Africa, a foreign exchange broker will likely save you time, money and make the whole foreign exchange decision a whole lot easier!


Whatever Your Needs Are Trade At The Right Time

One common tip amongst savvy currency traders is to avoid the high street banks, as banks not only incur additional service charges and fees for your transaction, but provide very little help in the crucial aspect of timing and often give a poor currency rate. So to make a cheap money transfer to Africa from UK or send money to West Africa from USA choose a FSA regulated foreign exchange broker and get the best exchange rate possible for your currency transfer.