Launching Into The West African Travel Market

Yes I visited the destinationsshow late January and early February 2019 a travel show event at Olympia in London. Here are my thoughts on launching a business which aims to increase travel to west Africa.

We talked to the only travel agent working on the west African market called undiscovered destinations please do a google search on them. They advertise through google only. We met these people staff and talked about the business and tour they run. The boss used to work for up the market travel company called Trail Finders. I am sure you have heard of them. I have used them and they are very good. They have many years of experience and other staff have been poached from Trail Finders to work for the small business, which is based in the north of England. The company is focusing on an area that Trail Finders do not market. see

The market for world travel falls into 3 markets.

  1. Retired people
  2. Working people in jobs or in between jobs and finally
  3. Students

At this event mainly the older generation 1. were there. It was a Friday. I can break down the market 2. even further. They are professional people. They are managers, professional etc, teachers (people with time and or money). You know all this I am sure. So just to confirm what I saw in person.

Price Of A Tour

The price is below market rates if under £1000. Please see the prices on the website…

The only way I believe to make a travel tour project a success is focusing long term on highly targeted marketing. The channels being used are:-

The whole point of the destinationsshow event was to capture emails and postal addresses for newsletters and mailing list. You are allowed free entry on giving these details.

Adverting West African countries like Ghana, Nigeria or Sierra Leone as a foodies destination and place to visit is not going to be cheap. It is not on travelers* bucket list or once in a lifetime holiday trip experience.

Content to attract interest and capture contact details are inspiring and beautifully photographed food, drink and travel stories, recipes, news, reviews, recommendations, exclusive offers and competitions.

See also and
See the followers

OR maybe and


Recommendation For Breaking Into This Travel Market

Increase, hold the price of the tour, cost up and spend this money on focused advertising. The business would need investment if advising budgets are not available. The forms of marketing and advertising can be measured, monitored and iterations applied for improvement.

If do not have a chance to click through the links above please click on this link.… all will make sense.

What Is The Destinations Show?

Clarion Events are the organisers of destinationsshow. They are a multiple million £ operation. They run events in Excel Docklands. So if you believe getting a stand there is worthwhile they are the people to approach.

Your thoughts on all the above information?

Travelers* is defined as the Affluent lovers of food, wine and travel. Predominantly professional individuals, AB adults, aged 44-54, female, earn more than £50k a year. This is taken from foodandtravel facts.