Build your home in Africa

African New Build Home

They usually live in villages with other people of the same ethnic group. While some villages have houses made of modern materials such as cement and metal, many people still live in houses made of clay or dried mud with roofs of grass or palm leaves. A description of common village life in Africa, this is true. Then there is a new Africa were I believe building a modern house in Africa will be an investment. My father always said buy your own land and build on it. OK it can't be that easy! Building a property in Africa, well you just have to plan it.

Project of a life time

New houses being built in Africa can be truly impressive. 5 bedrooms all with verandas, garage and grand staircase. Walk in wardrobe, Internet. It was the most encouraging thing I've seen regarding building a house. All this is possible but not in America or Great Britain this is whilst in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Looking for a property is a struggle and what you get in the city of New York or London is a rat hole. Why am I waiting, saving and pursuing something so out of reach. I took a long look around. It was just what I was after. Price !!! Well that was 230,000,000 Leones. Which is $57,000 or £34,000 so far. That's very interesting. My cousin started building the house about 3 to 4 years ago. Slowly she has taken her time but her advice is as follows. Watch everything and all stock. Count every penny. Watch, watch watch. Pay the contractor direct. Keep your distance from workmen. Be there when they build. Take your time. Roof built to the top, choose good wood for roof. Consider how you will get access to power and water. No water pipe at moment. "Its on the other side of the road but government are hoping to do our side soon" she said. The road are much wider now and the area is far more affluent with money moving in. A very up and coming area. Extremely positive vibes. Think I could do the same house but quicker and follow her blue print. The people of African depend on each other, I would have to look to members of my extended family as well as my cousin. Other things to consider are strong windows, security gates, a strong wall, to protect me and my staff. A house that overlooks the bay, 4 members of staff. a driver, gardener and two house keepers. Impressive I can dream on.

Here are some top tips

  1. Research
  2. Buy a vehicle first, import it from US or Europe, You will need a vehicle to last
  3. Research again
  4. Builders, structural/architect design, dimensions, excavations and foundations
  5. Check building regulations if there are any
  6. Security on site
  7. Research the land. Can I legally buy it. Am I buying a piece of land that someone abroad really owns, say has not returned after the civil war
  8. Purchase the land
  9. Check the quality of goods, supplies (import or home market)
  10. Watch the politics of the country Are the political elite doing it, were I have bought land? Yes then go ahead
  11. Keep an eye on exchange rates like a hawk
  12. Transfer money with save money on exchange
  13. Add up these costs in money and time

Finally enjoy the journey...

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