Coordinating The Use Of Digital Media For Business

Coordinating The Use Of Digital Media For Business

Level 2 Certificate in Digital Promotion for Business (601/6673/3)

Unit 03 Coordinating the use of digital media for business (H/507/4157)

In this NCFE unit we will explore how to coordinate digital media to create customer conversions

1.1 The Positive and Negative Points Of A Range Of Different Digital Media For A Business

The following is for the business called Foydigital. This is an online business which is a digital consultancy that designs and develops websites.

Digital Media Positive Negative
Website designed like a mobile app

Target audience use mobiles more than desktops pc

Very visual and app can be simple


Need good quality images which can download fast

Need to check how it look on different devices all the time.

Data visualisation Charts and graphs can be a good way to get a message across to target audience Data can go out of date quickly unless updated automatically
Photos and pictures Natural images of the target audience using service will attract clients to the business. These images can be on the main website, emails and social media platforms like facebook Need to be very good at taking editing and processing images as high quality pictures ready on viewing on multiple devices is needed

Social media

The following platforms will be used

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Trustpilot
  • Meetup/ Eventbrite
  • Webinars Zoom


Very good for networking with Business to Business

Good was to show business is active

Safe trusted platform for reviews which can be placed on the business site

How to guides, top 10 tips and Q&A's as an intro live events good for one to one

May have to deal with negative comments and reviews more than before. If a business does not then quickly this is seen as poor customer service. Need to experiment and see if this bring results

Here are all the other digital media which could be used for other businesses.

Digital Media Positive Negative
Video one to one  This media is entertaining and educational for the end user. Today a business can view all the analytic data behind the viewer actions. Examples are YouTube and Skype Size of files mean host on Youtube is the only way for others to see a video. Hosting for a business is expensive. Relies on good broadband technology
Audio, podcast as above this is an exciting media to use for all including the blind As above file sizes are large
Games Engagement, Entertainment are the focus with development of a game for a business Complicated and time consuming to put together
ebooks Ebooks can be read on most modern devices and on the go or in the house. These books can be interactive and enhanced ways to read old and new content Need to have good quality content like a white paper for target audience to want to read
Virtual reality VR This works for the gaming market or client and customer that have money to spend on the best technology. This target market can view VR If the end user has little money and their tech processing power is low and their broadband connection is poor then you can not reach them. Still to take off for the masses
Augmented reality As above. Exciting and new for the geeky young clients As above. Learning curve to get to understand all the jargon. A young technology still developing
Mobile applications The are many mobile apps which can be sponsored by a business. If you provide local weather or traffic information an mobile app can promote your logo and in turn your business Best to hire a developer for this work as the programming language keeps changing in regards to security, data streams and general innovation. This means the app can go out of date fast. Also the app need to be discovered meaning placing in an app store
Animation This media can appeal to children As above need an expensive developer. The technology platform can go out of date
Data visualisation

Can be great at getting a message across fast to the target audience in any language

People like map, charts and graphs

Getting the right type of infographic is important for the topic in hand. Need to be clear but not too simple. Need to represent the target markets needs and wants
Location-based services Where you have broadband services in high tech cities this can be an option for a local business to promote its services and products This work where there is a high level of hardware infer-structure in place.
Photos All visual and can be entertaining and fun. All good PR For best results need a top quality photographer to talk picture of a top graphic designer to integrate into online media

Social media

Lots of different types of SM which appeal to individual group. So good targeting The are lots of channels which means it can be overwhelming to keep up with for a small business


1.2 Describe The Role Of Digital Media In Promoting A Business

For the business Foydigital the first thing to do is to develop a mobile first website like an app. The role of digital media in promoting a business like Foydigital is to attract and inform customers/clients in the online digital space. We wish to also entertain and educate a long the customer journey. It is at first important to make clients aware of the business. The ability to make clients aware of the business on first contact in the most positive light is crucial.

A mobile designed first site (app) for clients “on the go”  as the local market uses phones the most is the most important factor.

The business can then communicate through its various activities like social media, Linkedin, Twitter and Trustpilot and or (Facebook). This is about encouraging engagement.

The business will create and promote business to business surveys. We will use the tools Survey Monkey. We will use the tools like the platform Eventbrite to create events where we can collect email addresses for further promotion or we will use Go to Webinar or Zoom to attract and interact with clients and customers and again collect emails. Offers to the client can be made at this stage through newsletters at a later stage.

Other points

All these software applications online can help to promote the business. There can be interaction at this stage which can build confidence in developing a good business to business relationship.

Further ways to attract, engage and interact with clients is the use of data visualisation and infographics these can transcend language. Furthermore pictures and photos of our clients happy and satisfied that reflects themselves will help promote the business this will reach the target audience. It is said that typical customers using the service see themselves in the images and can relate.

All these activities can help drive traffic to the website through SEO and remarketing.

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1.3 Describe How Digital Media Supports The Customer Conversion Process

This section 1 above is about understanding the role of digital media in promoting a business

The business Foydigital has a website and will look to drive traffic through SEO and email capture remarketing.

Website conversion for the business called Foydigital will happen when a client has moved down the marketing funnel. The client may become aware of the business from a blog post on Social media and clicked on a link to the site. If a landing page is used then an offer can be made in exchange for an email follow up. This moves the prospect to consider the offer and evaluate against other businesses. The client may then buy after a closer relationship is built up via other activities. Analysis of the client user journey by google analytics will allow us to see which content works in acquisition and moving them on to conversion.

SEO conversion is very important for this business as they are looking for our service in say Google or Bing in digital design and development. They are at the top of the marketing funnel unaware until they click through to our website or landing page.

Email conversion to purchase is very important. The right email must be used to seal the deal in writing. Emails will be highly personal and tailored to the work to be done as this is the middle to bottom of the sales funnel.

Social Media will play apart in after sales. Here trust pilot can be used for our clients to be advocates of our work to other. This is the bottom of the marketing funnel.

2.1 Business Needs And Objectives Identified

Business Needs

The business Foydigital needs clients from the countries Ghana and Ethiopia. Businesses that can pay qualified (typical business profile) and have a size of 10 or more employees and a good turnover of £1,000 000 per year but they lack the skills in website design and development. These prospects would like a website developed in 4 weeks and then other services.

We would like to talk and message these business decision makers online with platforms like Zoom, Linkedin and Twitter. We would like to move them along the marketing funnel to one to one conversion to sales.

Business Objectives

New customers from Ghana and Ethiopia. We would like to satisfy these customers. We want repeat business on going from customers in Ghana and Ethiopia and for them to refer us. For every one customer one other prospect per 2 months.

2.2 A Planned Coordinated Digital Campaign For A Business

The business name is Foydigital which is an online digital consultancy that designs and develops websites.

The overall plan is to build a website, have the right SEO information on the site, work on social media platforms for engagement, blog, capture emails, communicate on online via video and close sales.

We shall use Linkedin company information, profiles to search and find 5 prospects per month to target in the countries of Ghana and Ethiopia.

The aim of the website will be to have 10 visitors per day and to convert 0.3% of these visitors to hot prospects by collection of an email. Therefore 30% of the budget will be spent here.

Convert every 10th email/contact etc to sales via online face to face meetings.

Other tactics used in the marketing funnel are listed below.

The campaign will be one blog per month of 300 words and infograhics directed to the target market of business leaders. Each blog piece will be promoted on Linkedin and Twitter. The blog will be highly targeted to the prospected market and measured in shares, likes, tweets and click throughs. Roughly 20% of the budget is spent here.

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2.3 This Plan Differentiates Between The Role Each Digital Media Will Play In The Campaign

The business name is Foydigital. This is an online business which is a digital consultancy that designs and develops websites. We are going to target people who are already looking for our business sector in their location where they live and work. The locations are African countries such as Ghana and Ethiopia. The online plan will be SMART and run for 6 months.

Month 1 budget 30% of total

The first digital activity is to design and develop a website

Research the competition in the market, wire frame website design, test, development, test. The approach will be agile using the approach to do, doing, done and tested or signed off. We will use daily scrum stand ups from here onward.

The website would describe the business service for the local market with examples of past work and reviews of website design and development. Tools we will use are WIX website builder to design and develop the website. Other tools could be use like a straight HTML website or a CMS like Drupal.

Google Analytics will be used for metrics, we will take note of site visits and client email addresses collected via the online form to calculate conversions as the method to measure success.

The target audience is business to business clients in Ghana and Ethiopia, sectors are tech, telecom, gaming and food. We aim to do in this 4 week from start date.

Month 2 budget 5%

The second digital activity is SEO and research

We will use local words and local language in the copy for all communication. This will be our advantage. We will measure 3 Key words converted via search engines to website as below:

Website designer Ghana/Ethiopia 
Web design Ghana/Ethiopia
Website design company Ghana/Ethiopia 

SERP results will  measure our successes

We shall use tools

SEM Rush
Spyfu and Related Keywords platform for brainstorming

As before our target audience is countries in the order:

We aim to do this is 2 weeks it is then on going for the market.

Month 3 budget 15%

The third digital activity is social media

We will be using the tools Linkedin, Twitter and Trust Pilot as main SM platforms to engage with prospects and customers. The following can be measured users, visitors to platform page plus retweets, reposts and reviews, we shall be using the SM platform analytics to measure. Our target audience is business leaders in the countries Ghana and Ethiopia. We aim to post twice a week on each platform. We use LinkedIn as we will gain insight into their profession, job position, industry, interests, needs and behaviour.

Month 4 budget 20%

The fourth digital activity is blogging

Content will be about the benefits for local markets having an international presence. Using keywords from SEO brainstorming. Example top ten lists, locate images and infographics. Blogs are posted on Linkedin and Twitter to attract visitors to the website and network. This can be measured. Tools are Wordpress or Drupal CMS. Time blogs 300 words every month.

Month 5 budget 20%

The fourth digital activity is email capture, social media, online events and video one to ones 

We will have a landing page for email capture for newsletters using Mailchimp, webinars using Zoom, Eventbrite and Meetup. The two landing pages will be for How to guides for example How to design a website for a business in Ghana/Ethiopia, top ten design tips for example Top ten design tips for a website in Ghana/Ethiopia and Q&A's for example about designing a website in Ghana/Ethiopia. All the time we shall me making offers.

Skype is used to sign clients up. Skype is used to deliver the service in an agile way.

Month 6 budget 10%

The fourth digital activity is reviews, feedback and survey

Reviews, feedback and survey online with Trustpilot and Survey Monkey go back to month 1 to improve design based on qualitative and quantitative analysis. This last activity is about learning from the facts and selling other services.

This section 2 above is about understanding how to coordinate the use of digital media to meet business needs and objectives.