Emergent Digital Techniques For Business

Level 2 Certificate in Digital Promotion for Business (601/6673/3)

Unit 5 Emergent digital techniques for business (K/507/4158)

This part of the NCFE unit is about understanding the role of emergent digital techniques in promoting an organisation

  1. List the advantages and disadvantages of a range of emergent digital techniques
  2. Evaluate business uses of an emergent digital technique
  3. Compare an emergent digital technique with established digital promotion techniques

This part of the unit is about using an emergent digital technique to design a promotional campaign

  • Identify ways in which an organisation can utilise an emergent digital technique(s)
  • Design a digital promotional campaign using an emergent technique(s)

Emergent digital techniques are new and evolving channel or methods that a business can use to do business or interact with customers. Here is a range of emergent digital techniques in list format:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Voice assistance such as Alexa and Google voice. Chat bots like Watson
  • Augmented Reality (AR). Gaming, entertainment, sports, health and emergency services
  • Virtual Reality (VR). Gaming, entertainment and sports
  • Internet of Things (IoT). Remote monitoring in inhospitable environments, vehicles, face recognition, smart watch and drones
  • 5G. Fifth generation technology standard for broadband. Real-time connectivity for voice calling, video calling and gaming
  • 3 D printers. Wearables tech like helmets to custom fit, models, sample and prototypes
  • Blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency used as an alternative to money like bitcoins, used in contracts
  • Cloud computing. Video on demand, software development tools, data mining solutions and virtual backups

Artificial Intelligence AI includes voice assistance, machine learning or ML is a function of pattern recognition technology. Signal processing spam detection and image analysis are applications in this area.

Technology for immersive experiences in a big area in gaming, esports which takes in AI, Virtual Reality VR and now blockchain technology.

Other AI can be Cognitive Services see https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/cognitive-services/  for integrate speech processing such as:

Speech to Text

Text to Speech

Speech Translation

The internet of things and smart cities means more IoT in our lives together with artificial intelligence and Machine 2 Machine learning, mobile technology innovation. It is the combination for technologies that gives the innovations in this area potential and power.


Where you work or live in becoming increasing important a factor for business that are focusing their services or parts in new markets. The home is becoming an office, the mobile is being used more so that the pc. Software tools capture information on all this data. Business can use Android emulator to help them develop new apps for these new markets at little cost.


IoT Hardware

laptop/desktop or tablet device but now much more than these.

Quantum computing, video conferencing, human looking interface, robotics connection, security and emerging technology strategy are also part of emerging digital techniques. The major companies Amazon, Alphabet (google) and Microsoft are involved in all these emerging technology. To create an app they offer cloud computing, Microservices, Docker, and Kubernetes to manage these services https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xo-0gCVhTU and AWS https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=IT1X42D1KeA&feature=emb_logo cloud services cost monitoring and maintaining https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hLmDS179YE scaling up and down.

IaaS, PasS, and SaaS on a cloud service.

SaaS includes G Suite and Office 365 which are productivity suites for SMEs.

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word
Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel
Google Slides vs. Microsoft PowerPoint
Gmail vs. Microsoft Outlook
Google Hangouts Chat and Meet vs. Microsoft Teams
Google Drive vs. Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

Trello, Canva, Marvel


IaaS infrastructure like Kubernetes Docker


laptop/desktop or tablet device

Advantages and disadvantages of a range of new emergent in digital techniques

Techniques Advantages Disadvantages
VR When a business find a niche area it can make huge leaps in gaining revenue against it's competitors as a leader in this field Need to have a deep understanding of how the applications can work for a business
IoT, blockchain Time and costs saving in manual work can be achieved quickly by startup companies Deep knowledge is needed from a team of innovators
AI Voice Reaching new audiences via new interfaces such as voice, natural language for new markets Legal requirements need to met
AR, VR Combining new media channels with old ones to create new services and products Constant learning is required in many diverse areas to keep up
AI Voice, Cloud computing Real time campaigns and instant feedback meaning the campaign can be changed on the fly by AI for individual visitors or customers Need deep pockets of funds for independent research in this area
All above Can market to a young tech market that has money Restricted to young tech market that has money
3 D printer One many people in the market yet so first mover advantage in many innovations if a business has to ideas Capital expense. Need to spend on hardware and software

Evaluate business uses of an emergent digital technique

We shall consider Voice for the international market in particular Africa, VR in the gaming industry, blockchain in the payments industry and 3 D printing.

Compare an emergent digital technique with established digital promotion techniques

We shall consider Voice AI link to WAP and email marketing.

Innovation for a local market looking for take away food. simple voice command can be activated on the mobile phone order and track local African food. Offer of the week on the special dish Ethiopian Injera and coffee. On the app. Using the local dialect and accent as greeting and sign off. Empathy for the user trying to solve their problem in a simple interaction. Tasty food and at the right price. Emotion come into play as well as relatability. Personal and trust. Emotional voice brand used.

This compares to an email campaign with the special offer

Identify ways in which an organisation can utilise an emergent digital technique(s)

An organisation can utilise emergent digital techniques in the following ways:

As a differentiator at trade shows or face to face sales meeting promoting the business products or services with VR. This is all about fun and introducing entertainment. Games can be produced with promote the business.

As an innovator in new technology and a first mover with AI by launching a voice skill on Alexa. There are three ways to make money by voice number one is by ordering a product or service. Two is by and three is by

Blockchain new ways of payment as way to stand out against competitors.

Design a digital promotional campaign using an emergent technique(s)

Months 1 to 3 budget 20% of the total

The first activity

Months 2 to 4 budget 5%

The second activity

Month 4 to 5 budget 60%

The third activity
The fourth activity
The fifth activity

Month 6 budget 10%

The sixth activity

Month 7 budget 5%

Feedback and learning


Note on emergent techniques

There is a difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence please see https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/difference-between-machine-learning-and-artificial-intelligence/

There many reason why hosting an application with amazon aws is a good idea. Cost, performance and flexibility are a few of the reasons see https://www.classicinformatics.co.uk/why-host-your-application-with-amazon-aws/