Freetown-based Bureh Becomes First Company In Sierra Leone To Accept Bitcoin

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Bureh has integrated bitcoin into its checkout process, making it the first company in Sierra Leone and possibly West Africa to accept the crypto-currency. Bureh hopes this will be the first step to simplifying the currency exchange and risk process all companies face when working in low-income countries. Fatoma Momoh, Production Manager, announced, "one of the biggest challenges of doing business in Sierra Leone is exchange rates and bank fees. Our costs are in Leones and our revenue is in US dollars, Pounds, and Euros. We're hoping bitcoin will eventually help us deal with all these issues. Accepting bitcoin as payments is our first step down this path." Launched in 2011, Bureh is a an ethical fashion company, hand-producing accessories in Sierra Leone. Belts are made from traditional local fabrics and recycled metals, all by local craftsmen. Bureh belts are sold in the U.S., Europe and China.

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Bureh was born from an old, worn out belt and Sierra Leone’s street style. We never set out to start a fashion company. When people like you started asking for the belts we had made for fun, we realized the tremendous opportunity to make a difference and share the beauty of Sierra Leone. We created a company that is designed to make a difference, at each step of the process. Bureh is not a charity. We are for-profit, for social responsibility and for Sierra Leone. We provide sustainable jobs, source materials ethically and locally, and reinvest a share of profits into start-ups that themselves can create more jobs and growth in the private sector.


Each belt is handcrafted in Sierra Leone using local materials and recycled metals. Our woven materials, known as country cloth, are traditional fabrics worn around the country. Our printed materials come from Freetown’s vibrant fashion scene. Our buckles are handmade in Freetown from recycled metals by a workshop of blacksmiths with disabilities. They are the best blacksmiths in Sierra Leone. We are proud to partner with them, provide employment and help them support their families and invest in their futures. Every belt comes packaged in a pouch from different materials, also made by our tailors. These make a convenient gift, with a story that guarantees they will stand out. Visit