Friendships Is The Most Important Relationship In Life

Friendships Is The Most Important Relationship In Life

The first friends that you will ever have will be found at school and at that time they probably are the most important relationships you have. As we grow up we may then find other friends through clubs or hobbies outside school these are important relationships. A friend in our life is someone to share good times with and a person who can help your through bad time. The old and friend is a person to share memories with and the new friend is a person to being to discovery new experiences. Let us look at the new friends first.

New Friendships

Your first day at school is a place to find friends and some for life. The important of friends can be stated in the phrase you are my best friend. No body want to be a "Billy no mates". Have no friends is a sad and humans have a sense of belonging a camaraderie we are all involved. This is a group unit in harmony as one, powerful. It means not sticking out and being alone.

Lots of people make friends at work. Without a friend or friends at work it (the daily task of completing a day) can be difficult in the short term and detrimental to you health in the long term.

Many people make life long friends at university or college, while studying for 3 years or 4 years. The friends could be made on the same course or from living together. 

A long weekend or two week holiday from work is always an opportunity to make new friends. Travel to a new location in your home country or travel to a foreign country may mean that you connect to familiar types of people you know from back home.

Hobbies, pastimes an sports interests are a wonderful way to make a friend. These could be any number of a different type of ways to spend your time which you then find a connection with a person who is passionate about the same hobbies, pastime or sport. It could be as simple as walking your dog, which is man's best friend, in the park everyday or travel on the train everyday where a new friend can be found.

Next door neighbour as a friend. The friend next door is important for many different reasons. Making friends in the neighbourhood is valuable for reasons of collective safety, security and protection. They are like an insurance policy. You may give your number or keys to a neighbour who you trust. An example of this is when you are away from your home. You can ask a friendly neighbour to keep a lookout for your home.

Gangs. The best friends you could have in your life may be friends from a local gang. The word gang means many things to different people, while you are in your childhood it could be the boy or girl in your street. You play at out in the streets after school in the evening till sun set or on the weekend on a Sunday afternoon. Riding you bike up and down the road. Your gang of local friends who you group up with and have a lot in common.

Scouts and local youth club are a play to friend friends in your neighbour in a structured organised group. Scouting as a movement goes back many years.

Parties, social events at networking gatherings are times for opportunities to make new contacts. Going to meetups can be a chance to make investment choices. If you have a friend and access to insider information to make money, buying a property or going into business with. This can be a great contact and friend in your life both professionally or personally.

If you believe in a religion the people who also do in your community can become life long friends.

Top Ten Places Where You Will Meet Or Make New Friends

  1. School
  2. Work
  3. Holiday
  4. College
  5. The gym or sporting events
  6. Parties (birthdays, weddings)
  7. Care homes
  8. Hospital
  9. Prison
  10. Rallies

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Old Friendships

Old friends are people that remind us of our past and who we were when younger. They can be the one of our childhood, from college or a past job. People change over time. People move to new locations but the one thing that can induce a sense of who we are to the core are old friends we have. An opportunity to meet an old friends is a chance for remembering the past. This can be welcomed or not depending on who your current friends are now. Your old friends maybe older or younger than you, some may be mentors or some you may have given advice to. All this means a connection has been developed with stretches into the past and is never forgotten.

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If you have personal secrets, need someone to trust and share your values a good friend is what you need. A good friend you can communicate with on a regular basis. Either in person, on the phone or online.

Face to face communication is how me make relationship. When we look at a person in the eye or spend time listening to other. Shaking hands a kiss or a hug. These are gestures that make up relationship and trust. If you can communicate the emotion of warmth to other person then you will be good at connecting and communicating your messages.

Depending on your heritage, culture or your home country experiences communicating your emotions or meanings can be completely wrongly interpreted if you do not understand the other person perspective. The rules of friendship can be foreign, totally different from your beliefs of how they should be on meeting someone for the first time. A friend who has experience is this situation which is completely new to you can be a really good friend.

Online friends and like the pen pals of the past. Your communication is not face to face. This can be great for people and important if the person you connect with values yours messages.

The is a convenience to using online tools to messaging friend at anytime of day. It can be marvelous, relevant and brilliant when you need a quick response. Friends on the go are what you can call this. You need mobile phones with solid network connection however make this friendships meaningful.

Support Network

Loneliness is the longing for companionship, it can hit each and everyone of us at anytime. Is can happen when you move to a new location or change job or start the first day of school. The only way to combat lonely is to have many friends in your life.

Shyness is a problem that can effect us all this can lead to depression if combined with lonely. We all need to emotions of laughter in our lives we need social interactions and fun. Most people love times of mischievous behaviour times. We need life's good times. All this means you need a support network for life's journey.

You may make sacrifices for your friend and they may sacrifice for you.

If you are having a period of bad luck which is financially, mentally and emotionally all at the same time.This can lead to poor mental health including feeling anxious, stressed, having low mood or trouble sleeping. If you are going through bad times with money this can play on your mind. Your need to look to improve your mental well being and prevent concerns becoming more serious. A friend may lend money or their time to talk to help. This is true friendship and support.

Unfriendly people at school, work or college are always around us what can we do? In life friendship is need to help us out when you have to deal with these people. Our lives can be made miserable by aggressive neighbours, racist work colleagues and nuisance, aggressive strangers. If you can joke with a friend about these bad times, with a close friend if you can poke fun at these people it can be mean a lot to you mentally.

Losing friends is normal and it can be for many reasons such as disasters, abandonment or growing apart. As we move through life sickness can effect us we may lose friends because of poor health. A solid support network of many friends can help you get through this times. Death can not be explained. Only the collective community and in this community close friend can help a person make some sort of peace or comfort from this part of our lives.

On the flip side births and marriages are times of joy which people love to celebrate with friends. These can be the most important times of our lives.

Birds Of A Feather

There is nothing more than can connect a group of people more than their race. In the western world year 2020 there is talk of diversity and inclusion with many organisation. There is however a long way for talk to action in seeing this in all society. Prejudices and racist attitudes are around us which mean if you know someone that looks like you at work this may mean they could be your best friend. The saying birds of a feather stick together mean finding your friends based on the colour of your skin or racial heritage. African black friends who look like me are friend who can be very important in you life. You may live in the same area, work in the same organisation or have attended the same school these are further reasons why friendship will be strong.

Shared Experiences

Goals, ambitions and challenges these can be shared with your friends. If you are on the same journey as your friends there is a better change you will success in this areas. Doing things together on a shared experience can be rewarding for you and your friend. Other shared experience which are through bad times also bring people together. If you have been a victim of crime and find other who have been the same victim friendships can be developed to support each over and seek justice.

Lovers And Sexual Relationships

The most important relationship in life can be between yourself and your lover. This friendship can be the deepest in terms of love, sex and passion. How this happens is the stuff of much study in the history of mankind. The basis is a strong friendship which lasts through thick and thin. Dedication, attention and care for your well being from another lasting months and years is what many people long for in a friendship. A loving unconditional friendship which is always there is the ultimate level of human to human relationship.

Good times and bad times can be enhances or survived respectively with a lover at your side. This friendship is mentally satisfying as well as physically fulfilling. Energy, pleasure and ecstasy are feeling that can come from a loving friendship with your best friend and partner. These emotions are powerful they are the feeling which can protect us from trouble times. Giving us hope for the future.

Family And Friends

Family members can be friends, supporting you financially or emotionally. The family friend could be a cousin, auntie or uncle. You may meet them at family gathering, at birthday parties or other times. These friends are a connection to home, to your community and maybe your country. As you share the same blood friendship in the family it can be life long for the positive for you and your blood relative. If your best friend is a cousin of the same age as you the friendship may last a life time.

Where ever we find a friend the most important features we all wish for in that relationship is to be able to tell our secrets to them, trust them and for them to be loyal to us. If the balance is right these are what you give your best friends in return.


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