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West Africa Money mission statement is to market West Africa Money as the number one content provider offering a money, business and investment service globally for those who have an interest in Africa and the Caribbean.

International Money Transfer To Africa And The Caribbean For Business

We are achieving our mission by promoting the African and Caribbean businesses to the public online. Anyone who wants to generate a second income should look at digital business investments in Sub Sahara Africa plus the Caribbean as a way to provide revenue and legacy into the long term. We wish international money, investment and knowledge transfer to occur between Africans on the continent and their descendants all around the world. This website will therefore champion and promote companies with the aims to do this.

African Money Transfer, Currency And Exchange Rates

West Africa Money is part of the foydigital group of companies which is a web agency  delivering powerful media and marketing solutions. Focusing on a variety of technologies, the business is a micro-niche specialist software consultancy also.

Digital Marketing Education

West Africa Money sponsors Digital Marketing Education which offers courses and workshops on different aspects of digital marketing. Other sponsor is West Africa Phones. Attending Digital Marketing Education meetups will get you ready for new opportunities as virtual working using cloud based technology is the future for your business, profession and employment strategy. Join to take advantage of expert knowledge in this subject. A digital education is a journey which never stops.

Leslie Leigh
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Water Aid

West Africa Money supports Water Aid which help Africans access safe water, hygiene and sanitation. We want to make a world of difference wherever we can. See more at charity