Sustainability, Climate Change And Africa

What has climate change and Africa got to do with business? All organisations are concerned about the impact that they have on the environment and on our local communities. The impact at home effect people in Africa. What is the message that your business delivers on a global basis to your customers, suppliers and future generations. How are suppliers, sponsors and citizens that are connected to the business doing? How are they can taking action? The business will soon have to report on its carbon footprint in the year end accounts. This means if the business is of a certain size it need to know about reduce waste, to recycle and to reuse policies. Is your business looking at alternative methods and practices" to help "reduce emissions and environmental impact. So what is your strategy on sustainability?

Why sustainability and Africa are important?

West Africa Money mission statement is to market Africa Money offer content on money, business and investment service globally for those who have an interest in Africa and the Caribbean.

Anyone who wants to generate a second income should look at digital business investments in Sub Sahara Africa plus the Caribbean as a way to provide revenue and legacy into the long term. We wish international money, investment and knowledge transfer to occur between Africans on the continent and their descendants all around the world. This website will therefore champion and promote companies with the aims to do this.

environment, UN Race to Zero from customers and regulators to take responsible sustainability and climate actions.

Business make a positive impact on climate change. What are some of the ways your business is doing to improve their 'green' credentials?

Examples are:

Travel on coaches powered by biofuel to offset the environmental impact

Use of public transport for all business

Committing to decarbonising fuel through the use of sustainable aviation fuel in the future, this means reduce emissions

Planting trees, hedges, bushes, and wildflower plugs vegetables that the company chefs can use

Providing plastic-free sanitary products for female staff.

Carbon Neutral

  • Policy and commitment
  • Clean energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable transport
  • Single-use plastic reduction or removal
  • Waste management
  • Water efficiency
  • Plant-based or low-carbon food
  • Biodiversity
  • Education
  • Communications and engagement


natural disasters or forestall pandemics, manage information security and cybersecurity, sustain global supply chain processes.


Will your business be net zero in terms of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030?

Make a positive change commitment to a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030

Provide sustainable production training

Migration to remote working

UK business action on net zero and historical energy use

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