Digital Business

Business, Business And More Business

How do we do business in Africa in the modern world? We can do business in Africa by adopting the digital technology of communication. For example all the following tools should be put to use:

What opportunities are there for business to business in Ghana? The are a number of opportunities that business outside Ghana can develop. Here is a list of the one which can be profitable and valued in this west African country:

  • Security online and fraud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software design and development
  • IOT devices
  • Drones and smart phones connectivity
  • Money transfer mobile money

What opportunities are there for business to business in Ethiopia? The are a number of opportunities that business outside Ethiopia can develop. Here is a list of the one which can be profitable and valued in this east African country:

  • Security private and governmental
  • Communication and connectivity
  • Mobile broadband tech
  • IP networks and systems
  • Radio principles
  • Radio network planning
  • Software design and development of websites for private businesses
  • Internet of things IOT devices, such as cameras and tracking hardware
  • Food and drink in particular coffee exporting business to business

Why digital marketing for business?

Since the mass increase in computing online by the public all businesses have to be online and this mean marketing themselves digitally. Once a business knows their customers online habits they can design a website that will attract or reach them for repeat business and find or attract similar new customers. A business hopes to satisfy a customer which leads to sales.

The knowledge on a customer can be as follows:

Who are they

  • What devise they use
  • What software operating system they use
  • Where they are from
  • Which language they use or speak

How did they find the business website

  • Which website they use before coming to the business website
  • Which key words were use by a search engine to find the site
  • Which social media platform was use before a visitor arrived at the website
  • Whether an email marketing campaign was successful in driving traffic to a website
  • Whether an offline marketing campaign was successful in driving traffic to a website
  • Whether other websites are referring traffic to a website

What are they doing on the website

  • How long they spent on the site
  • How many pages they looked at on a website
  • Which content types are most popular

What are they worth

  • Did they convert into paying customers

Wise for e-Commerce Businesses

Wise – cheaper, better international e-commerce payments.

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  2. Wise Business is the hassle-free payment provider for collecting sales. 50+ currencies — no monthly fees.
  3. Wise gives you more account details than Paypal, Payoneer, or Worldfirst so you can get paid however you need to without the hefty conversion fees.
  4. Wise debit cards let you pay in any currency with no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee—ever.
  5. Hold currencies in your Wise account for as long as you like and make payments without converting it over and over

The true cost of sending GBP to GHS

Money transfer to all region are changing on a daily basis. Countries in African and the Caribbean are coming online all the time like Lesotho, Morocco, AUE and Angola.

Business Website

  • Design and develop a light weight and mobile first site
  • Use a content management system such as Drupal, Hubspot or Wordpress
  • Keep the website local to the market you are interested in during business

Email Technology

  • Collect emails from your business website, landing pages and social media accounts
  • Use an email marketing system such as MailChimp or Email Reaction
  • Create groups in your email marketing system
  • Design and develop email for the market use local pictures and language
  • Keep records of how successful your email campaigns are and look to improve

Various Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are important for finding clients and development of a PR for your business. Use any or all of the following:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Video Conferencing Software

Your project should be agile and involve constant communication with your clients and customer in their market. Keep in touch with them with the following software

  • Skype
  • Zoom

Get The Technology

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Get The Education

Study, study and study again with a course like Business and Management Pathway. Start the Access to Higher Education Diploma (Business and Management) and take the first step towards a new job role.

Do The Accounts And Legal Work

Your project should be financially viable and legally sound. Are you looking for accountancy and sage book keeping services?


Attract Investors

How to make your business attractive to investors is a prelude to raising capital for your enterprise.

At some point in the life of almost every business, investment will be needed whether to invest in an infrastructure upgrade, launch a new product or spread the risk and the business that has prepared itself properly will be better placed to attract investors.

Investors also tend look for the same things in businesses they invest in as acquirers are looking for in their acquisition targets.
A founder needs to know the following:

  • What investors look for beyond the financials
  • What factors indicate a well-run business to an investor
  • What a founder should be looking for in an investor
  • What are some of the common mistakes in raising funds from investors
  • How can the process be made as painless as possible

Raise Capital

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Whether you are looking to secure investment or attend networking opportunities, a successful pitch ensures that you know your business inside and out. Get top tips and advice on how to perfect your pitch.