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What are the principles of best money management in relationship to African real estate ownership?

If this is a question you are asking yourself then you need to mix with top tier global investors, funds and property professionals. You need to interact with experts on the ground to gain insights and better understand the regions real estate markets. Investors, lenders and developers need to hear the latest insights on the latest challenges and opportunities in African real estate.

Attend A Property Exhibition

Your next event isReal Estate Property 2024 on . Why are so many people trying to learn about wholeselling real estate? Learn the ins and outs of how it works and also how you can make money in this industry without having to buy a property. Find out where we are in the real estate cycle in key Sub Saharan African markets from experts by looking for real estate investor forums, local shows or courses.
  Where we can we will list networking events such as free real estate masterclasses, investing into Africa, cashless Africa, financial modeling training and wealth transfer.


Growing Your Wealth Through Ownership

West Africa Money is a platform for real estate companies and agencies based in Africa to showcase their phenomenal developments and services to both the diaspora and foreign investors in the UK. We are excited to announce these exhibitions in London.

Exhibitions or expos gather top-level real estate professionals from all sectors so that prospective buyers can gain industry insight, discover the most outstanding projects and property deals, build partnerships and secure investment trust.

Building A Healthy Real Estate Portfolio

Why attend an exhibtion? Consumers and real estate professionals will be provided with a ‘one stop shop’ opportunity to capitalize and take advantage of the best property deals, services and gain insight from industry experts. Whether you are looking for a new investment opportunities, holiday or personal home, these expos are not to be missed.

The expos will feature a selection of exhibitors, business opportunities, practical advice, presentations and networking, providing you with face to face access to a wide range of experts to help and guide you with your property or investment purchase in Africa.

The expo offers excellent opportunities as it showcases the latest projects by renowned and well-reputed developers, including agencies and lifestyle services based in Africa. A selection of property development projects on display covering the African capitals and coastal regions, with varying options such as apartments, houses, gated community developments, villas, serviced plots, plus more. In addition there will be banks, mortgage providers giving you advice how to finance your dream home or investment.

We Buy Any Home

WeBuyAnyHome is the UK’s largest, most well-known cash buyer of properties, providing homeowners with a quick, guaranteed and hassle-free sale.

Homeowners using WeBuyAnyHome: 

  • Inheritance 
  • Release early inheritance 
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce / separation
  • Property prices dropping 
  • Job loss 
  • Repossession
  • Critical illness
  • Moving into care

Risk and reward of investing in property

House prices rise overtime, but if you’re considering using property to pay for your retirement, there are also risks to be aware of such as, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and running costs. Putting all your retirement eggs in one investment basket such as property can be made more if different countries are chosen to invest in. Benefits mentioned may change and depend on your personal circumstances.