Transfer Money Online

Money transfer at a fraction of the prices of the traditional legacy players will be done online. Return to West Africa money for who gives you more for your dollar and pound.

Please use NETELLER for Secure online payments. Signing up couldn’t be easier, simply input your details and create your online account. From there, you can transfer money online

  1. Securely transfer money online into your account.
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address, (, amount and currency.
  3. Hit send. You and the receiver will get email confirmations.
The NETELLER service is operated by Optimal Payments Limited™.

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Transfer money with NETELLER saving you money on exchange.



NETELLER support Bitcoin

NETELLER teamed up with BitPay to offer Bitcoin. This means you can use your Bitcoin to make a deposit to your NETELLER Account, with no deposit fee. This world is always changing and NETELLER are one of the first major financial institutions to facilitate digital currency transactions worldwide. NETELLER have started accepting Bitcoin for deposits into their member’s NETELLER Accounts. NETELLER have spent months researching and learning about the best ways accommodate this cutting edge crypto-currency while also maintaining their commitment to the safety and security of their members’ money. If you have Bitcoin that you want to deposit into your NETELLER Account, all you need to do is click the Bitcoin icon on the Money In page. You can use your own Bitcoin ewallet and BitPay to exchange Bitcoin into your account currency, and you’re all done. As there’s no deposit fee, this is a very appealing option (however, foreign exchange fees may be applicable in some cases). Funds deposited using Bitcoin are available immediately for transfers to merchants or other members. However, funds deposited using Bitcoin are not available for purchases or withdrawals using your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®.

Videos on Africa's Money Transfer