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How to send money to Uganda? Sending money to Uganda is easy and more accessible with west Africa money.

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Ugandan shilling is the currency of the country Uganda, officially the United Republic of Uganda, in East Africa. The capital is called Kampala.

Note: Wise is the new name for TransferWise

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Mobile operators offer money sending, receiving services, bill payments among many more services.

Over the years we've worked with many customers, dealing with diverse currency needs.

What are your requirements as West Africa Money can help with... 

Purchasing Foreign Property

Having access to excellent exchange rates and specialist services (like the option of fixing a rate for up to two years ahead of making a transfer) can make a foreign property purchase more affordable and help you budget effectively. The idea is to plan ahead within your budget.

Emigrating To Uganda

Moving abroad might be exciting, but it can be pretty stressful too. West Africa Money would like to remove one of the headaches involved by helping customers get the best possible return when sending money abroad to fund their emigration.

Purchasing Luxury Goods

Saving money is important even if you're splashing out. If you like to purchase the odd treat, like top-of-the-range cars or boats, our bank-beating exchange rates and fast, free currency transfers can get them more for less.Spending can be fun if you have more money.

Making International Investments

Managing exposure to currency risk is essential if you want to get the best return on an international investment, and West Africa Money have got all the tools you will need to defend transfers from exchange rate volatility. Leave risk to the uninformed.

Returning Non-Sterling Dividends 

Exchange rates can move dramatically in a short space of time and such shifts can have a massive impact on how much you receive when returning non-sterling dividends. West Africa Money offer a range of services to help you get the most from every hassle-free currency transfer.

Making Corporate Payments

If you needs to send money abroad to pay contractors or suppliers, or repatriate earnings from international transactions, West Africa Money can get the cash flow under control and maximise profitability. This is what your accountant would advise.


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