Search Engine Optimisation For Business

Search Engine Optimisation Business

Level 2 Certificate in Digital Promotion for Business (601/6673/3)

Unit 02 Understanding search engine optimisation for business (D/507/4156)

In this NCFE unit we will explain search engine optimisation (SEO) and how it can be used to increase online traffic for a business.

1.1 Summarising The Purpose And Function Of SEO

The purpose and function of SEO for a business is to get as many visitors coming to its website as possible, for them to return and the frequency on the website to be as often as possible.

In getting started with SEO we need to understand search engine basics

  • How search engines work
  • How search engines see the web
  • Organic search explained
  • Paid search explained

What Is A Search Engine?

A search engine is provided by a search engine business that allows a user to find content on the internet by entering keywords into the search engine. Search engines are google, bing and yandex and are online programs a user visits from a url webpage on the internet.

The following are search engine used on the internet:

  1. Bing
  2. DuckDuckGo open-source project
  3. Yahoo
  4. Ask
  5. Baidu
  6. WolframAlpha
  7. Boardreader
  8. StartPage
  9. Ecosia
  10. Qwant
  11. Search Encrypt
  12. SearX
  13. Yandex
  14. Gibiru
  15. Disconnect Search
  16. Yippy
  17. Swisscows
  18. Lukol
  19. MetaGer
  20. Gigablast
  21. Oscobo
  22. Google

Search engines are web programs tools that allow the user to find information on the world wide wide. In general a query would be entered into a search engine such as bing, aol,, duck duck go, yandex or google results would then be returned in a list of the most relevant first. A user can conduct a general web, or images, audio, video and news search.

Search engines work by listing the most relevant answer to the users query or question. Search engine result pages or SERP's are listed in order with a page title and brief description on a page. This information is clickable leading to the website the page is from. Other results can be local business listing, items for sale, images and maps.

Search engines see the web in code. They index pages based on the code they find on each website. This code would mostly be HTML and be found by web crawlers, spiders or bots in their attempt to crawl the whole of the web. Massive computer programs catalogue these coded pages apply their indexing, ranking and show the user results of a search query. Duplicate listing are not displayed and the ranking each search engine uses is a secret.

Organic search results are natural results in the eye of the search engine as appose to results by advertising. Organic search is mainly based on key word content, referring links and freshness of the content. The location where a person conducts a search also plays a factor in results. This is also the same for the device used for searching.

To rank the highest organically the following need to be optimised:

  • Keywords (content, title and phases)
  • User satisfaction (UX, UI, speed of page load etc)
  • Backlinks from sites of authority
  • Domain authority and correctly tagged images, sound elements

Paid search is adverting that may appear on the top or the side of a SERP's.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation is about being visible and have pages appear frequently in SERP's there by generating traffic.

To summarise the purpose of SEO is to appear as high up the page results i.e to be first on the SERPs. The SEO function is to drive relevant visitor traffic to the business or organisation website.

The above section 1 is about understanding what search engine optimisation (SEO) is.

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2.1 Comparing The Results Of Different Online Searches For Business Services And Products

Comparing and contrasting SERPs for the keywords African organic coffee as products and coffee roasting service as services.

Search Engine Product SERP Service SERP
  • All
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • News
  • Shopping

119,000 resultsDate Language Region Change locationNear City, London · Change

  1. African Coffee Roasters - The First Organic Certified
  2. Images of African Organic Coffee
  3. Organic coffee - Wikipedia
  4. Coffee growing in Africa — Coffee & Conservation
  5. 13 Best Organic Coffee Brands of 2020 - Environment Friendly
  7. Organic Africa - Home
  8. Which African countries produce the most coffee? | World
  9. Nexus Coffee Machines - 25 Years Experience -
  10. Organic Coffee - Medium-Dark Roast -
  11. Shade Grown Arbor Day Coffee - Protects the Rain Forest

Related Searches for African organic coffee

Left handside
Organic coffee Wikipedia

Iamge and map
The Tea & Coffee Plant

Public transport nearby

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17,700,000 results

Coffee Roasters | Roasting Coffee Since 2001. |

  1. Coffee Roasting Machinery Engineering Services | Response
  2. Home | Bridge Coffee Roasters - UK Coffee Roasters

Map of Coffee Roasting Services
5 results

  1. UK Based Artisan Coffee Roasters & Machine Specialists
  2. 5 Best Coffee Subscription Services in the UK - Coffee Blog
  3. Capital Coffee | Coffee Roasters In The UK
  4. Consulting Services for Coffee Roasters & Cafe Owners ...
  5. Shade Grown Arbor Day Coffee | Protects the Rain Forest

Coffee Roasters | Roasting Coffee Since 2001. |

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Related Searches for coffee roasting services


Left handside

Related searches


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48,100,000 (0.58 seconds)

See African organic coffee
Sponsored coffee
5 images

Map of 3 businesses
reviews number and number of reviews

Monmouth Coffee Company
Monmouth Coffee

  1. Coffee Tasting Report: Organic Coffees from Africa
  2. Fair Trade Organic African & Island Nation Coffees – Boulder
  3. Organic African Coffee - Camano Island Coffee
  4. Organic African Coffee - Camano Island Coffee
  5. Organic - Cafédirect
  6. African Coffee Roasters: The First Organic Certified Coffee ...
  7. Coffee - Organic Africa
  8. Buy Organic & Fairtrade Coffee in South Africa | Faithful to ...
  9. Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Organic African Roots Coffee ...
  10. 15 Fair Trade Coffee Brands Worth Waking Up For

Searches related to African organic coffee

People also ask

United Kingdom location for N1 From your Internet address

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About 482,000,000 results (0.52 seconds)

4 adverts

Coffee Beans | London Wholesale/retail coffee‎

‎Bridge Coffee Roasters | Over 35 Years' Experience‎

Origin Coffee Roasters | Source Roast Educate Brew‎


Map three shops

Ozone Coffee Roasters, Leonard Street
Exmouth Coffee Roasters
Hermanos Colombian Coffee Rosaster

  1. Wholesale Coffee & Services - Maude Coffee Roasters | UK ...
  2. Products & Services | Lincoln & York
  3. Private Label, Coffee Roasting and Blending - Thomsons Coffee
  4. Best coffee subscription services that are way better than
  5. Coffee Roasting Machinery Engineering Services | Response ...
  6. FAQs | Origin Coffee Roasters
  7. Union Coffee | Speciality Coffee, Fresh from the Roastery
  8. Wholesale Coffee - 80 Stone Coffee Roasters
  9. Capital Coffee | Coffee Roasters In The UK
  10. The Roasting Shed


Discover more places

Searches related to coffee roasting services

United Kingdom location for N1 From your Internet address

  •     Web
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  •     Translate
  •     Disk
  •     Mail
  •     Ads

232 thousand results found

  1. The First Organic Certified Coffee... - African Coffee Roasters
  2. Ola's Exotic Organic African Coffee and Tea... | Facebook
  3. Organic coffee - Wikipedia
  4. African Organic Coffee — browse images
  5. Африка Кофе — Instagram
  6. Products - African Coffee Roasters
  7. Ola's Exotic Organic FairTrade No Acidic African Coffee and...
  8. Amfri Farms Ltd. – "Re-igniting the sacred concern for nature"
  9. 13 Best Organic Coffee Brands of 2020 - Environment Friendly
  10. African organic coffee — 3 thousand videos
  11. Organic African Coffee Pod... | Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC
  12. Чем органический кофе отличается от обычного
  •     Web   
  •     Images
  •     Videos
  •     News
  •     Translate
  •     Disk
  •     Mail
  •     Ads

2 million results found

  1. The Definitive Guide to Roasting Coffee at Home
  2. PT's Coffee Roasting Co. - Home | Facebook
  3. Roasting Services - The Coffee Roaster
  4. Coffee Roasting services — browse images
  5. How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business
  6. Home roasting coffee - Wikipedia
  7. Roasting your own coffee
  8. Consulting For Coffee Businesses | Coffee Roasters Australia
  9. coffee roasting services — 4 thousand videos
  10. C&S Coffee Roasters - Coffee Roasting Company Chicago, IL
  11. coffee roasting service, coffee roasting service Suppliers...
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Search by similar queries


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Shade Grown Arbor Day Coffee - Protects the Rain Forest Advert
Earth's Largest Marketplace - Organic African Sold Direct Advert

  1. Amfri Farms Ltd. - "Re-igniting the sacred concern for nature"
  2. African Coffee Roasters - The First Organic Certified ...
  3. Fair Trade Organic African & Island Nation Coffees ...
  4. African Coffee|100% Arabica Coffee -
  5. African & Arabian Coffee - Shop by Region
  6. : Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Ethiopian ...
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  8. 13 Best Organic Coffee Brands of 2020 - Environment Friendly
  9. Organic coffee - Wikipedia
  10. Organic Fair Trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Coffee Bean Direct

Left hand side Organic Coffee at - Low Prices on Organic Coffee Advert

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Map of 3 business

Coffee Roasters - Next Day Roasting-Order by 4pm Ad
Brew Almighty's coffee blends - Carefully selected beans Ad

  1. Home Roast Coffee
  2. Best Coffee Roasters Near Me - February 2020: Find Nearby ...
  3. Compelling Coffee - Specialty Coffee, Tea, & Cafe Services
  4. Consulting Services for Coffee Roasters & Cafe Owners ...
  5. Private Label & Contract Roasting - Luna Gourmet Coffee ...
  6. Industrial Roaster Cleaning Services
  7. Commercial Coffee Roaster Equipment - Mill City Roasters
  8. Caracolillo Coffee Mill
  9. The Coffee Roasting Institute - Services | Facebook
  10. Parks Coffee

Shade Grown Arbor Day Coffee - Protects the Rain Forest Ad

Left handside Ad
Shade Grown Arbor Day Coffee - Protects the Rain Forest

SERPs for the keywords Ethiopian organic coffee exporters as products. Here are the overall relevant pages from the four search engines.
  1. Lucy Ethiopian Coffee – Exporter
  2. Ethiopia organic coffee exporter
  3. Ibrahim Hussien Coffee Exporter - The best organic coffee ...
  4. Buy Ethiopian Coffee from Best Exporters - Ethiopia Market
  5. Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association
  6. Ethiopian Coffee Exporter | Organic Ethiopian Coffee

Organic search results are the main list of results the search engine displays. They are usually the main focus on the results page. There’s no cost for businesses to appear in the organic results.

SERPs for the keywords "The world worst website" the follow website comes top

The site also comes up and lists the websites below as bad examples. Comments are after the website. unsure what the website is about gimiky all over the place with structure and more, shocking ugly not interesting poor use of colour boring, plain layout bad, low quality design based around a table, not consistent lots of mini images in a directory style, very busy, overwhelming lots of colours, fonts, sizes all over the place

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2.2 How SEO Generates Online Traffic For A Business

Being found is key in answering this question. If a business has a website that has great SEO qualities then target people who it want as its customers who are already looking for the business services or product means the business will be found via a search engine. Search engines allow people to look for the product or service they want, at the precise time they want it and in their location. Search engines can also help businesses to target the customers who are most interested in what they’re offering.

Organic online traffic is generated by SEO when a person who is looking for a product or service enters in keywords into the search box. If the best results is the company business then they may want the business products or services at that precise time. Being found this way is SEO online traffic for a business.

The above section 2 is about understanding what how SEO generates online traffic fora business.

3.1 Examples Of Methods To Increase Online Traffic

Note the question should be answered by a presentation

How to use SEO to increase online traffic for a business  

Point out unique aspects of the business i.e the USP
Write a blog to sing the praises of the product or service eg Ethiopian beans
Make sure the business, organisation or shop appears on Google maps
Try to get other people or in an example say coffee-enthusiasts to review a business/website

On a technical level the website must be searchable by web crawlers, spiders or bots.

3.2 Ways To Increase Online Traffic For A Business. An Identification

To make sure as many interested customers as possible are seeing a business’s website displayed in their search results. Pay attention to:

Title tag, key words in the content page text and image file and image alt tags. All these need to be optimised for search engines. For example using the kinds of keywords or phases that interested people might be searching for – such as ‘fair trade’ or ‘east Africa’. These snippets of code are what the crawler find and use to index then rank a page. Meta descriptions are important also.

The title and meta description are used by the search engine to generate the actual search result, so they’d appear in the search results page. Use the phrase ‘coffee and exports’ in both title and meta data description.

A good title shows the company name and highlights what the page would be about, like ‘Black Coffee: Fresh coffee for Export’.

A good meta description is two short sentences that just summarise the page.

Answer question such as how and why. High quality pages, high levels of EAT Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. These are the guide lines from google on their search quality evaluator guidelines.

3.3 A Designed SEO Strategy For A Business

The importance of an SEO plan

For the best search engine results have a plan. The step-by-step process plan for SEO is as below:

The SEO process starts with how to choose keywords

  • Keyword research and consider related topics
  • Know what people are searching for
  • See where site appears in the search results for those keywords
  • If there are gaps where keywords aren’t bringing traffic to the site. Plan ways to fix these gaps and improve SEO performance
  • Review plan and adjust results
  • Consider looking at trends

Setting realistic SEO goals

  1. Stay up to date with search engine changes
  2. Reading about the trends in the industry of choice and use them to create content page
  3. Get inspiration from other websites and don’t forget to get feedback from customers
  4. Get opinions from customers on what might be missing from the business website

The next thing to do is keyword research. Keyword research is about find the following:

  1. Frequency of keywords
  2. Long tail keywords with sites like Bing Keyword Research
  3. Relevance to a user’s queries i.e their intent

To define success setting realistic goals for organic traffic ie SMART goals like conversations, sign ups, reach or engagement with visitor comments with dates and numbers from organic traffic is the best way to reach broader digital promotional objectives. Select measurements that matter and use webmaster tools like bing or google analytics can be used. Analytics tools are a great way to get information about:

    Where website visitors are located
    Which website visitors turn into paying customers
    What content visitors interact with

To help deliver the best possible search results to the user, search engines look at how popular a site is and then build a domain authority based upon relevant links to and from that site. This demonstrates the site's trust and popularity.

Increasing relevant traffic to the business website is an ideal goal for a SEO plan and with the figures by 10% in 6 month. The more relevant the users are that visit the site, the more chances a business has to convert them into potential customers.

Some SEO goals
Complete a Technical SEO in 14 days which reports on back link numbers from other website/reviews and keywords relevance. The aim is to make web pages search friendly.

Complete a Mobile SEO audit in 14 days as above but for these devices.
Local SEO using local words in the search term.

Search Term Research
Inbound Content Marketing
Link Acquisition, Influencer Outreach and Digital PR

  • Encouraging links to the website
  • Engaging with the audience through good content
  • Promoting the site with social media

Create individual pages for each language that a business wishes to support on its website. this will help ensure that the website is correctly indexed by search engines. Language annotations are useful as they help the search engines serve up the correct content to the correct user in a particular country. Building relationships with other businesses and similar sites means they are more likely to include a link to the business website from theirs. Ensuring that international audiences can see the products in their local currency with the correct delivery options is key to providing good customer service. Cross borders with SEO international search engine optimisation changes to make when the website crosses international borders

  • Language
  • Localisation
  • Country targeting

Finally we need to review by measurements

On-page optimisation can be reviewed when Google Analytics has been set up and the reporting evaluated.

The above section 3 is about knowing how to use SEO to increase online traffic for a business.