Top Tips – How To Be A Good Landlord

What are the top tips for how to be a good landlord?

Follow these top tips to help you become a good landlord

  1. Communicate You may view your buy-to-let property as simply an investment. But keeping good lines of communication open with your tenants from the outset can make all the difference. Invest some time opening the lines of communication with your tenants when they first move in and you could avoid headaches down the line.
  2. Keep the property in good condition Make sure the grass is cut, everything is in working order and the property has been cleaned to a high standard before your tenants move in. They will appreciate it and it will set the standard for what is expected of them.
  3. Good working order Keep everything in good working order and get repairs carried out immediately. Have a network of reliable tradespeople on hand to fix problems quickly.
  4. Be proactive Contact your tenants on a regular basis (though not too often!) to make sure everything is OK.
  5. Add little touches For example, order a roll of address labels to give new tenants when they move in. This will only cost a few pounds, but your tenant is likely to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Leave a selection of local takeaway menus in a prominent place, and a guide to bus or train services, for example.
  6. Send them a welcome letter After they have moved in along with your details in case they want to contact you.
  7. Make a note of their birthday You will no doubt come across your tenants’ date of birth when setting up your financial arrangements. Make a note to send them a card.
  8. Train your tenants to pay rent on time Insist they set up a direct debit or standing order, and explain that fees are payable if they are late in paying their rent.
  9. Give your tenants plenty of notice If you’re thinking of making any changes or intrusions – if you need to visit the property, have work carried out or plan to increase the rent, for example, it is only polite to tell your tenants weeks in advance.
  10. Use a lettings agent If you are extremely busy or have a lot of tenants, it can be worth paying a professional agent to carry out all of the above.